Supporting programme:

No matter if it is to say Thank You or to motivate employees, as a high light of the conference or as a gift for corporate customers – Frankfurt and its appealing environment offers a lot of incentive opportunities to celebrate in a adequate ambience.

We have put together some suggestions with different themes.You can choose one of these events or combine them.Please ask our staff for help.

Ebbelwoi (Cider) - Express

Maximum members of group: 90 people, Ideal members of group: 40 people, Time frame: 2 hours

With music and presentation, cider and pretzel the spirit of the group will rise fast. The round trip in the funny old train thru the EBBELWOI – district called Sachsenhausen and the historic district of Frankfurt will turn into a never to be forgotten experience.

Cookery Class

Members of group: 12-14 people

Timeframe: 4-6 hours
With guidance of the head cook of our restaurant we wake your gastronomic talents and creative vein by cooking and creating a seasonal 4 – course menu. Cooking in a modern equipped and convenient kitchen followed by the dinner in together will help the team sprit.

Goethe - Evening

Maximum members of group: 100 people

Timeframe: flexible
Goethe is alive – and you can meet him in person here! He will perform during dinner tell memories of his childhood in Frankfurt, his work-related defeats, his affairs and his breakthrough as an artist. Here some private stories and some world literature. The artist and connoisseur of Goethe will take as much time for the evening as you wish: with several short scenes during dinner or a 20-30 minute show, dressed normal or dressed up as a storm and stress poet or as a decent classic.

Tigerpalace International Vaudeville Theatre

Since over ten years this Theatre is an integral part of history in Frankfurt. International artists and performer, LIFE Vaudeville Theatre orchestra. Up to 100 people can be seated in the banquet area, 180 people fit in the whole Theatre.

Showtime: Tuesday to Sunday 20:00


Free climbing

Members of group: 40 people

Timeframe: flexible

Everybody can climb up walls… ideal for groups: climbing with guidance of a coach! Even beginners will so the backup for eachother and have to be able to rely eachother – pure team spirit! But don´t worry the basics will be learned easily and the fascination of this sport will let the acrophobia die away. All you need are gym shoes and active wear.

Pure golf

Members of group: 30 people

Timeframe: flexible

After a short instruction the attenders of the beginner class will have the opportunity to swing the golf clubs. You will have a wonderfull sight of the Skyline of Frankfurt while playing the 9-hole golf course. With professional help of a coach you will spend a fascination time with the group on the fresh air.

Tournaments and award ceremony can be designed individually.